Customer Service

For four decades, General Chemical SA has represented some of the largest medical device companies worldwide.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers can rely on our products and services. After all, our rapid growth is the result of our commitment to providing high quality products and services.

The customer-centric approach of General Chemical SA has led to the creation of a dedicated Customer Service team, with a high sense of empathy and a genuine interest in its cases.

Our Customer Service department provides information on the process of supplying materials through EOPYY to individuals, as well as instructions of the correct completion of EOPYY forms sent with each order.

Contact us, by phone or email, to answer your questions, always with respect for the human being and aiming for maximum patient service.

At the same time, with a network of 110 scientifically trained associates throughout Greece, you have direct service wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you need materials or advice on their proper use, an experienced partner will be close to you to assist you.

Call us toll-free on our Care Line: 800 500 5150

or contact our office in Athens: 60 Avgis, Kifissia, 145 64 Athens, tel: 210 620 3000, Fax: 210 620 1332

on our offices in Thessaloniki: 18 Petrou Syndika, 54 643 Thessaloniki, tel: 2310 868174, Fax: 2310 868262

or send us an email at

Specialized line for quality and management issues, tel: 211 500 4221. We will be happy to help you, inform you about our products and answer any questions you may have.