A stoma does not prevent you from traveling, for pleasure or business.

If you’re going on a trip abroad, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor, and have enough materials with you to last you throughout the trip.

If you travel to hot climates you will need more bags and toiletries because you sweat. Always keep the ingredients in a cool place.

If you are traveling by plane take some materials with you as there is always the possibility of your luggage getting lost.

To avoid any problems when going through customs it is a good idea to have a doctor’s note with you stating that it is necessary to carry materials for your stoma.

Carry a travel bag with you that will contain: collection system, gauze, adhesive remover, plastic disposal bags.

If you travel to a foreign country it is advisable to drink and brush your teeth only with bottled water to avoid the possibility of diarrhea.