Below you will find Guides with practical advice for taking care of your stoma.The Guides were created by a team of Welland nurses with expertise and many years of experience in serving stoma patients.

The information contained in the Guides is for general use and is not intended for people with medical conditions that require medical advice.The Guides are not a substitute for your doctor’s advice and instructions.

Their purpose is to give you useful and practical advice for the care of your stoma and to answer basic questions that may arise from the daily care of your stoma.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please call us toll free at 800 500 5150 and we will be happy to assist you.

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2 piece system change

Change Flair Active Convex & Flair Active Curvex sticker bags

Use of accessories and auxiliary materials

Adhesive cutting instructions

New range of Aurum materials with medical grade Manuka honey in the adhesive material

How to use a built-in closure on the ileostomy bag

How to apply belt