TLC® Retractors and Stays

TLC® Retractors and Stays

The TLC® Self-Retaining System enables surgeons to gently retract and secure delicate soft tissue away from the operative surface so that they can focus on the procedure. Surgeons can therefore perform procedures without stay-sutures or manual retraction. TLC® retractors significantly increase the surgeon’s visualization, organization, and control of surgical sites. When compared to manual retraction, TLC® retraction is continuous and low profile.

The TLC® Self-Retaining Retractor System allows surgeons to retract and secure delicate soft tissue for a wide variety of procedures. The self-retaining design of the TLC® system creates an organized surgical site which allows the surgeons to focus on the procedure and provides O.R. staff the freedom to perform other tasks. The continuous, stable retraction provided by TLC® Stays eliminates the need to unnecessarily adjust stay positioning during a procedure.

TLC® retraction is continuous and lower profile when compared to manual retraction.

Faster Deployment

Hinges adjust to the patient’s anatomy in an instant with the malleable function of the TLC® Retractors. There are no thumbscrews to adjust or obstruct the procedure.

Eliminate Slippage

TLC® ribbed stays provide a secure fit, virtually eliminating slippage and risk of popping out.

Improve Field of Vision

Low profile design allows for greater visualization of the surgical site.

Increase Control

Uniform tension allows surgeons to better control the tissue as the retractor is precisely positioned around the surgical site.

Controlled Versatility

The TLC® Retractors and Stays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover a broad spectrum of surgical procedures. This versatility will give the surgical assistant freedom to do other tasks, broadening the range of procedures the surgeon can perform at one time.

  • Affords the surgeon clear, unimpeded access to the surgical site
  • Increased control, support and exposure in multiple planes of retraction
  • Molded disposable plastic ring is cost-effective, reducing labor, cleaning and re-sterilization costs
  • One-piece construction eliminates the risk of detachment
  • Concave structure makes stays easy to access and easy to place

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