Weck Hem-o-lok Polymer Locking Ligation System

Security you can feel from the #1 selling locking polymer clip

Why have surgeons trusted the Hem-o-lok System for more than one million patients? As the #1 selling locking polymer clip, the Hem-o-lok System offers quality, reliability, and performance in clip security.

Designed for confidence

Featuring a first-of-its-kind locking mechanism and distinct tactile feedback, the Hem-o-lok System gives surgeons the confidence of knowing they’ve locked securely on the patient vessel.

A history with robotic laparoscopy

Since 2007, we’ve collaborated with Intuitive Surgical to provide the Hem-o-lok System for use with the da Vinci® Surgical System.

Proven performance

Backed by 84 peer-reviewed articles, no other polymer clip stands on so much evidence to support clinical and financial outcomes. Based on an ex-vivo study*, Weck Hem-o-lok polymer clips provide unparalleled security compared to Ethicon LIGAMAX 5, Ethicon LIGACLIP® ERCA 10 mm, and Covidien Endo Clip III in three common clip failure modes. Hem-o-lok® Medium/Large clips have:

  • At least 5 times greater clip retention in lateral pull-off force
  • At least 1.8 times greater leak resistance in leak pressure testing
  • At least 1.3 times greater clip retention in axial pull-off force

Versatility to meet your needs

Hem-o-lok Clips come in a range of sizes indicated to ligate structures from 2 mm to 16 mm.

Because the Hem-o-lok® System is a cold ligation system, there’s no chance of thermal spread to vital structures – a common concern of many surgeons when using energy-based ligation solutions.

The Hem-o-lok® System is available in four sizes: Medium, Medium-Large, Large, and Extra-Large. Ordering information in catalog

Ordering information in catalog

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