Advazorb Areola

Absorbent foam areola dressing with Silfix soft silicone adhesive border

Product Description

Advazorb Areola is the result of a collaboration with Nottingham University Hospitals and Nottingham Breast Institute to fulfil a very specific need – a protective and secure breast dressing. Advazorb Areola combines Silfix® soft silicone with conformable, absorbent foam to deliver excellent patient comfort, effective exudate management, secure fixation and atraumatic removal.

•No more ‘patchwork’ dressings

•Designed for patient comfort

•Reduced dressing time and associated patient discomfort

•Central hole to prevent pressure on the nipple

•Silfix soft silicone adhesive for atraumatic removal Use Indications Ordering Literature FAQ


Apply to the breast with the central hole over the nipple. Gently smooth the ‘petals’ to ensure good adherence. Can be left in place up to 7 days.

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