Aurum® Drainable Ileostomy Bag 1 τεμαχίου

Aurum® ileostomy bags with medical grade Manuka honey added to the skin friendly hydrocolloid.

Product Description

Skin friendly

  • Hydrocolloid flange with added Manuka honey
  • Reduced skin trauma as easy2peel tab aids the smooth removal of the flange
  • The soft, water repellent cover reduces build-up of perspiration, providing exceptional comfort even during extended wear

Reduced leakage

Dual-Carb®i filter repels liquid and oily substances

Simplified emptying, cleaning and monitoring

  • Welland Medical’s innovative integral closure system
  • Easier bag positioning and output monitoring via the split back cover

Tailored to you

  • A choice of mini, midi and maxi bag sizes to suit individual needs
  • New cutting guide allows for a perfect fit to different stoma shapes and sizes, reducing the risk of potential leakage and skin irritation

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