The simex cuff M is designed for subglottic extraction in order to help
prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP)


• lightweight
• low noise and little vibration (35 dB(A))
• simple operation, very safe and easy to use
• disposable secretion container with integrated gelling agent
• choice of battery or mains power
• integrated bacterial fi lter with overfl ow protection and odour prevention

Advantages for Patient

• Safe application, limited to -300mbar pressure
• Virtually silent operation
• Adjustable to patient secretion viscosity and volume
• Dry stoma
• Prevents skin infl ammation
• Reduces bad smell
• Sooner weaning
• Reduced mortality

Advantages to Nursing Staff

• Saves nursing time due to automated
intermittent subglottic aspiration
• Subglottic suction reduces lung infection (VAP)
• Closed aspiration system reduces risk of cross contamination
• Easy function control
• Alarm functions
• Fits to all standard ETT and ET tubes

Advantages to Clinical Outcome

• Reduces lung infection (VAP)
• Reduces endotracheal/bronchial suctioning
• Reduces mortality

Advantages to Hospital/Clinics

• Saves cost by preventing lung infection (VAP)
• Reduced cost for endotracheal suctioning
• helps to prevent 10 to 14 extended ICU days
caused by lung infection

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