BIOPAD is a sterile, fully absorbable pad made of 100% lyophilized horse collagen type I, maximum biocompatibility, with no signs of allergic reactions.

  • It is a powerful catalyst for the normal wound healing process.
  • BIOPAD participates in the mechanism of fibroblast formation, stimulating endogenous collagen synthesis and promoting the regeneration of new granulation tissue (angiogenesis) resulting in a reduction in healing time.
  • Its equine origin ensures against the risk of transmission of spongiform encephalopathy (TSE).


  • To promote the healing of decubitus ulcers, diabetic, arterial, venous, chronic skin ulcers, surgical wounds, burns.
  • As hemostatic material in general surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, plastic, gynecological, orthopedic procedures

BIOPAD is available in the form of a sponge with dimensions of 5×5 cm and a surface area of ​​25 cm2

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