Bandage Set (gauze):

• Gauze dressing set simple

• Healing Accelerated Gauze Dressing Set with Nanotechnology Polyester Contact Mesh with Anti- Metalloprotease Oligosaccharide

• Antibacterial gauze dressing set with lipid-colloid technology contact polyester mesh impregnated with silver sulfadiazine, hydrocolloid and petroleum jelly

The above sets are available in sizes S, M, L, XL


•for open abdominal wounds (open abdomen)

• with a sponge measuring 30x40x1.5 cm and

•special membrane suitable for application on vital organs 84×65 cm

Set of Canisters

•At least 1000 ml excreta collection container set with detachable excreta collection bag from the canister.With gel-disinfecting powder and integrated filter/non-return valve

•Excreta collection container set of at least 250ml with built-in filter/non-return valve and gel-disinfectant powder

•Excreta collection container set of at least 750ml with integrated filter/non-return valve and gel-disinfecting powder

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