Super absorbent dressing

Product Description

Eclypse is a highly absorbent, high capacity wound exudate management product designed to absorb fluid, reduce potential leaks and reduce risk of maceration.

The dressing has a rapid wicking face combined with the highly absorbent moisture locking system. The absorbent layer provides a large capacity with rapid fluid uptake forming a gel when in contact with exudate. The backing is a water resistant barrier film to prevent strike-through with a high moisture vapour transfer rate prolonging wear ability.

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Eclypse is placed white face down on wound surface with beige backing uppermost.

For large wounds several dressings can be placed side-by-side and secured with an appropriate tape or bandage.

Wear time will depend on the level of exudate but Eclypse can be left in place for up to seven days. Eclypse can be used under compression therapy.

Eclypse® is a single use product. If used on more than one patient, cross-contamination or infection may result. Opening the dressing pack compromises the sterile barrier. Any unused dressings should be discarded.

Top tip

Eclypse has very similar technology to nappies, the dressing will expand with exudate, that’s a great sign the dressing needs to be changed – the patient may notice it’s become a little heavy.


Moderate to heavily exuding wounds: Leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, sloughy or granulating wounds, post-operative or dehisced wounds, fungating wounds, donor site management.

Eclypse® can be used as a Primary dressing on wounds where exudate management is required in a clean wound.  Eclypse® can also be used as a Secondary dressing for exudate management where another primary dressing has been applied for treatment of the wound bed e.g. Collagen, Manuka Honey or Alginate.


Do not use Eclypse on arterial bleeds or heavily bleeding wounds.

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