Foley 3-way catheter with straight tip for permanent catheterization made of natural latex with a silicone coating that protects the catheter from hardening of its surface and allows its safe and smooth passage through the urethra.

– The thin tapered end of the catheter facilitates insertion into the urethra.

– The balloon inflates evenly so it can effectively hold the bladder.

– The smooth outer surface is specially treated with medical grade silicone that facilitates passage through the urethra.

– With blow valve made of high quality hard plastic for reliable operation and prevention of leaks for safe connection to Luer syringes.The valve is colored for easy visual identification of the catheter size according to international standards

– Offered in individual sterile packaging with inner wrapping and aseptic opening technique.

Sterilized with EO. One use.

Available in sizes 16ch – 24ch (standard) with balloon capacity 30ml – 50ml

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