We are delighted to release the next generation of Hemosep – our innovative cell salvage system.

The Hemosep cell salvage system is designed to recover blood loss during cardiac and other surgical specialities, providing a concentration of all cell species for transfusion back to the patient.

It offers exciting new opportunities for health services to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. 

Fast, simple cell concentration with improved patient outcomes.
  • Patient’s own blood is transfused, reducing the risk of contamination and reaction
  • Decreased need for donor blood and associated transfusion products, leading to a reduction in donor dependency
  • Assists in the reduction of post-operative bleeding, resulting in improved patient recovery
  • Maintenance of platelet population means there is preservation of normal clotting function
  • Reduction in inflammatory molecules, results in a reduction in post-operative complications
  • Easy to use: very little specialist knowledge is required and training is provided
  • A cost effective alternative to existing cell salvage devices and/or blood transfusion
The Hemosep device consists of:
  • Hemosep Adult Cell Concentrator Bag
  • Hemosep Shaker Unit
  • Blood collection bag for the collection of processed blood
  • Intraoperative stand
  • Hemosep Intraoperative Kit consisting of a blood collection reservoir and suction/ anticoagulant lines 

The Hemosep Cell Concentrator Bag is the active processing section of the device and consists of three parts:

  1. Blood bag
    – houses the technology (filter membrane and super absorbent pad) and blood whilst it is filtered
  2. Filter membrane
    – a unique size pore structure to control what is able to pass through during filtration means that no cellular components can pass into the super absorbent pad
  3. Super absorbent pad
    –  absorbs all unwanted blood products that pass through the filter membrane, turning it into a gel-like substance for easy disposal once complete

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