InLay Optima ureteral stent, open end with Nitinol guide wire.

The package includes the following:

-Ureteral stent open end, double Pigtail with Suture.

-Nitinol GuideWire.

-Advance catheter with radiopaque tip.

-Endoprosthesis Clamp.

Endoprosthesis technical characteristics:

• Made of biocompatible Polyurethane with a hydrophilic coating

• Full helical shape at both ends.

• Perforated both at the winding points and along its entire length.

• Radio-shadow markings for its correct placement.

• The cystic tip is reinforced and includes a loop of monofilament suture, which aids in stent removal.

• The pelvic brim is tapered to avoid injury during insertion.

• It has a smooth surface to reduce the concentration of protein molecules on its surface.

• Special coating pHreeCOAT which keeps the pH levels stable on the surface of the stent thus minimizing the adhesion of uric salts.

• The stent softens up to 49% with body temperature.

• Indwelling time of the stent up to 365 days (12 months).
• Does not contain Latex.

•Sterile, single use.

Technical characteristics of Wire Guide:

• The core is made of Nitinol for excellent navigation, flexibility and rotatability when penetrating strictures and is surrounded by a Polyurethane liner.

• Supplied with a hydrophilic (slippery) coating for easy and non-traumatic access to all types of strictures.

• Radiant shade.

• Straight flexible end 3cm long.

• Guide wire length 150cm with a diameter of 0.035

• Does not contain Latex.

• Sterile, single use.

Available in individual sterile packaging. It is CE marked

The InLay Optima ureteral catheter is available in a variety of sizes and lengths as well as without a guidewire.

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