The ΚΤWO is a compression system of two active bandages designed to be used together.Thanks to the unique innovative PresSure system technology, the recommended therapeutic pressure of 40mmHg is provided from the very first application.

The ΚΤWO is a compression system consisting of:

   –K Tech, low elasticity inner dressing, is designed to be in direct contact with the skin and creates moderate pressure at rest which increases significantly when walking.This mode of action allows the bandage to actively massage the leg, resulting in improved venous return.It also distributes the pressure evenly across the entire surface of the foot ensuring that there are no areas of excessive or insufficient pressure (which can cause additional damage to the skin). In case of a wound with high exudate, K Tech has the ability to absorb the excess exudate.

  – The K Press, high elasticity external dressing, provides additional pressure to achieve the level of pressure required for the treatment of venous ulcers and chronic venous oedema.

It also holds the KTwo system securely in place day and night for up to 7 days.


Both K Tech and K Press bandages have a printed circular pressure indicator for ease of application and to ensure the correct level of pressure.

The pressure system makes it possible to achieve:

•of the correct tension of the bandage

•of the correct number of layers.

Optimal therapeutic pressure is achieved when the bandages are stretched until the oval becomes a circle.

KTWO is indicated for the treatment of all venous ulcers of the lower extremities and venous edema due to chronic venous insufficiency.

The KTWO is available in two ankle circumference sizes:

18 – 25 cm 

25 – 32 cm  

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