The BD Magic3 catheter is the first hydrophilic self-lubricating catheter designed from a unique composition of three different layers of pure silicone.Each layer also offers a unique feature for comfortable, easy and reliable intermittent catheterization.


Έξτρα μαλακό εξωτερικό στρώμα μαλακής σιλικόνης νανοτεχνολογίας για ατραυματική εισαγωγή, άριστη λίπανση και άνεση

Stable middle layer of silicone of unique quality and processing for stability during insertion and easy handling

Flexible inner layer made of a special flexible silicone, which ensures the navigation of the probe without unnecessary pressure. Additionally, this layer resists warping and leverages the hydrophobic characteristics of silicone for efficient, fast, and reliable drainage.

It has a unique hydrophilic coating that makes the surface of the probe friction-free.

The sterile package includes a sachet of sterile, preservative-free water for immediate wetting of the catheter. After moistening the catheter can and remains lubricated (ready to use) in the package for 24 hours.

The tapered end without seams and sharp points and the laser-treated “eyes” facilitate non-traumatic insertion. The great drainage capacity of the catheter is also due to the 4 juxtaposed eye-holes of the catheter.

Memory free so that the catheter can be folded into a pocket size ensuring discretion and ease of transport without altering its shape.

Available types:

Men’s length 40 cm, CH 10-18

Women’s length 15 cm, CH 10-18

Children’s length 25 cm, CH 6-10

Also available with specially designed SURE-GRIP™ handle

It firmly holds the slippery surface and glides smoothly along the shaft of the catheter giving the user more control while catheterizing.

It allows the catheter to be held firmly without touching the surface minimizing the risk of contamination.

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