MIRUS – The Symbol of Excellence which ensures superior surgical outcomes.

MIRUS Reloadable Linear Stapler empowers surgeons to modify the staple height to accommodate different tissue thicknesses. The device gives two staggered rows of titanium staples in 30mm, 45mm, 60mm and 90mm sizes.

Dependable: Parallel jaw closure furnishes unvarying staple arrangement

Easy to use: Mirus Linear stapler is Ergonomic in design, One-hand Operation (Close, Fire, Release). Close, fire & release are of this Mechanical stapler are important steps.

Easy to place: Adjustable intermediate locking position

Versatile: It has two diverse reload options. It offers the best in class “B” shape staple formation with two staggered rows which ensure superior haemostasis.

MIRUS Reloadable Linear Stapler has:

  • Disposable loading unit with a secure grip
  • Parallel jaw closure
  • Strong low profile anvil provides optimum access without deflection
  • Retaining pin knob
  • Safety lock
  • Ergonomic, single hand design Jaw compression

Advantages of MIRUS Linear stapler:

  • Mirus linear stapler has application in transection & resection of internal tissues.
  • Linear stapler is Mechanical stapler that cannot cut but it staples the tissues.
  • Its is available in 30mm, 45mm, 60mm, & 90mm sizes with two different staple sizes of cartridges.
  • This Mechanical stapler has staple length of 3.5mm (blue color cartridge for standard tissues) & 4.8mm (green color cartridge for thick tissues).
  • Cartridge has 2 staggered rows of titanium staples.
  • Mirus linear stapler can be reloaded & fire up to 8 times.
  • Release button is provided for easy opening.
  • Cartridge has tissue retaining pin which helps in alignment of anvil & cartridge
  • Only same size linear stapler cartridges can be fixed in same size linear stapler gun

Product Specification

  • In 30mm size the reloads has 11 no’s of staples & it has 2 rows of staple line.
  • In 45mm size the reloads has 15 no’s of staples & it has 2 rows of staple line.
  • In 60mm size the reloads has 21 no’s of staples & it has 2 rows of staple line.
  • In 90mm size the reloads has 33 no’s of staples & it has 2 rows of staple line.

Instrument Use:

  • For Close internal organs prior to transection.
  • For Close the common opening or enterotomy after the creation of an anastomosis.
  • To Make side to side or functional end to end anastomosis.
  • Biopsy or wedge resection of the lung and dosing of the bronchus and to close.
  • pulmonary vessels prior to their division.
  • Resection of solid organs such as Liver or Pancreas.


  • Provides optimum access without deflection
  • Ergonomic single hand operation design for ease of use
  • Consistent staple formation and superior hemostasis
  • Better pre-firing tissue manipulation with tissue retaining pin & Intermediate locking mechanism

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