The SERAMESH ® mesh implants were developed for hernia surgery. SERAMESH ® mesh implants strengthen or bridge damaged body structures in the long term. 


  • large pore structure
  • cuttable and dimensionally stable
  • only 1/3 remaining foreign material after resorption
  • orientation strips
  • numerous dimensions available

Product data SERA MESH ® PA

Material  Polypropylene / polyglycolic acid caprolactone
undyed, monofilament, partially resorbable
Area weight before resorption approx. 90 g/m 2 / after resorption approx. 30 g/m 2
The PGACL portion is resorbed after approx. 90 – 120 days.

Dimensions 11× 6cm
12× 10cm 15×5cm 15×10cm 15
30 ×15cm 30× 30cm preshaped: 13× 8cm 13.5× 6cm

pore size

~ 2 × 3mm


The partially resorbable SERAMESH ® PA combines optimal handling for the surgeon with proven tissue compatibility. The monofilament polyglycolic acid-caprolactone part is resorbed and a soft polypropylene implant remains. It can be cut to an individual ideal size – without fraying at the cut edges. Due to the textile structure, further tearing at the incisions is not possible. Before the partial resorption , SERAMESH ® PA is characterized by very good handling when laying the implant, especially with a minimally invasive procedure. In contrast to partially absorbable comparable products, the basic structure of SERAMESH ® remainsPA fully preserved after absorption.

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