SkyLite ureteral catheter for stone extraction (basket type), with 4 parallel wires. The catheter has a length of 120cm and a diameter of 1.9F.

• The body of the catheter is made of polyimide in the form of a helical spring to avoid its distortion during stone retrieval and the core is made of Nitinol for excellent directivity and rotation during penetration of strictures.

•The catheter maintains its flexibility and stability up to 270º deflection angle of the flexible ureteroscope.

• The wires of the basket are made of Nitinol.

• The end of the basket is non-traumatic ‘Zero Tip’ type and additionally has a special radiopaque indicator that enhances endoscopic imaging with the use of the endoscope lens.

•Ergonomic handle, detachable and able to rotate the Basket.

•Does not contain Latex.

•Available in individual sterile packaging.

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