It consists of a stainless steel knife, a plastic trauma trocar with its guide and a BIOCATH type 2-way Foley catheter.

The existence of the plastic atraumatic trocar in the set instead of the commonly used needles ensures minimal injury to the patient and easy access to the bladder, while at the same time its guide allows the passage of a catheter with a diameter of up to 12/16Ch.

The Foley 2-way BIOCATH catheter contained in the set is a new generation catheter, the product of many years of research, made of latex coated with hydrophilic polyurethane called “HYDROGEL”, the same material from which contact lenses are made.

It has been proven in the laboratory that the above substance presents a high compatibility with the human body, greater than silicone, which makes it possible for the catheter to remain in the body for a long time.

The advantages of the BIOCATH catheter over other catheters are the low coefficient of friction, the reduced risk of infection due to the high resistance against the formation of bacterial colonies and the high resistance to the formation of crystalline salt residues (crust) resulting in the avoidance of complications (e.g. blockage of the catheter, retention, etc.) to the patient and frequent catheter changes. Available in 12CH and 16CH sizes.

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