URGO FILMOGEL Damaged Nails treatment for damaged nails is here to help you maintain the beauty and health of your nails.The product is easily applied with a brush on a daily basis on dry and clean nails.

URGO Filmogel Damaged Nails can regenerate and protect nails damaged by fungus or trauma.It contains hydroxypropyl chitosan, which strengthens, cleans and deeply protects the nails.

When applied, the URGO FILMOGEL treatment for damaged nails forms a protective membrane on the surface of the nail, which protects against microbiological, chemical and physical damage.

The product penetrates the nail, stabilizes its structure and promotes the regeneration of healthy, renewed and protected nails.

– You can, if you wish, apply cosmetic varnish over the protective film.

– No need to file the nail before application

– Improves the condition of your nail

– Stops the development of wear and tear

– The nail is regenerated healthy

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