Silver foam dressings are indicated for moderately to highly exuding ulcers with infection or at high risk of developing infection. Urgo has adhesives with hypoallergenic adhesive material and non-adhesives for ulcers with friable surrounding skin.

UrgoCell Ag / Border

Αντιβακτηριαδιακή αποτελεσματικότητα με ολοκληρωμένη ασφάλεια

Urgocell Ag /Border is a silver foam dressing that prevents infection and locally treats existing wound infection. Consists of:

•Polyester mesh impregnated with petrolatum, hydrocolloid molecules and silver particles for antimicrobial action

•Polyurethane foam section for vertical absorption of secretions and avoiding wetting of the surrounding skin

•Semi-permeable outer polyurethane coating

Available in non-adhesive (Urgocell Ag) and with perimeter hypoallergenic skin-friendly adhesive (Urgocell Ag Border).


Urgocell Ag: 10 x 12 εκ. / 15 x 15 εκ. / 15 x 20 cm. Urgocell Ag Border : 13×13 cm.

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