Alginic pads are indicated for the cleansing phase in the presence of watery necrosis in order to absorb the excess exudate and what watery necrosis and create the appropriate moisture conditions for an optimal and faster healing.

Urgosorb is a sterile, flexible, natural, non-woven pad made of calcium alginate, which gives it hemostatic properties, cellulose (CMCNa sodium carboxymethylcellulose), which gives it 50% higher absorbency than ordinary alginate pads, and high content guluronic acid (high G) for high consistency so that it does not break up during removal and is removed in one piece.

It absorbs large amounts of watery secretions quickly and holds them in its structure. During the absorption of secretions there is an exchange between the calcium of the patch and the sodium of the secretions resulting in the formation of a gel, which ensures the ideal moist healing environment.

It is indicated for the cleaning and treatment of exudative wounds with watery necrosis, while the cord form is especially indicated for cavities.

Sizes: 5×5εκ / 10×10εκ / 10×20εκ

Cord shape: 5×30εκ

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