Foam pad without perimeter adhesive, self-adhesive

Urgotul Absorb are sterile, foamy, multi-layered hydropolymer pads, for ulcers with a medium to high degree of exudate.

They consist of a central part of expandable polyurethane with a three-dimensional (3-D) molecular structure that provides, excellent management of exudate, absorption of exudate in a vertical direction, high ability to retain liquids under pressure conditions.

Polyurethane outer film impermeable to micro-organisms to prevent contamination, but air permeable to allow evaporation.

In contact with the wound a contact layer of lipid-colloid technology (TLC) with microadhesive polymers and hydrocolloid molecules which make the patch self-adherent while at the same time offering non-traumatic and painless removal and proliferation of fibroblasts ( IN VITRO studies).

Available in various sizes and in a special shape for use on the heel or elbow.

Sizes : 13×12εκ / 15×20εκ / 12×19εκ heel shape

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