Foam pad with perimeter silicone adhesive.

Urgotul Border Silicone are sterile, foam, multi-layered polymer dressings with perimeter silicone adhesive for moderately to highly exuding ulcers.

They consist of a self-adhering layer in contact with the wound (from microadhesive polymers and hydrocolloid molecules), lipid-colloid technology (TLC), which stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and at the same time offers atraumatic and painless removal.

The central layer consists of 2 absorbent layers that provide, higher absorption capacity with excellent management of exudate, absorption of exudate in a vertical direction, resulting in the prevention of corrosion of the surrounding skin and high ability to retain fluids, without leakage, under pressure conditions.

Finally, waterproof soft silicone perimeter adhesive, impervious to micro-organisms to prevent contamination, but breathable to allow unobstructed skin breathing. The silicone adhesive can be glued and re-glued, without risk of injury to the surrounding skin and due to the neutrality of silicone, it is skin-friendly, without risks of causing allergies.

Size : 10×10εκ / 13×13εκ / 15×15εκ / 15×20εκ / 20×20εκ coccyx shape

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