WIDEBAND self-adhesive, latex-free, hypoallergenic 100% silicone membrane and skin-friendly medical grade adhesive.

The catheter has a built-in adhesive throughout the length of its sheath and a reinforced kink-free outlet.

It provides 70% more adhesive area than a traditional style self-adhesive external male catheter and provides greater stability and protection against urine reflux and accidental detachment.

The BD Wideband External Male Catheter offers:

  • High breathability for improved comfort and optimal skin integrity
  • Soft silicone and uniform adhesive for secure fit and stability
  • Transparency for direct visual inspection of the skin
  • Resistance to warping and creasing to ensure continuous flow
  • Continuous use up to 24 hours

Available in individual packaging and 5 sizes: 25mm, 29mm, 32mm, 36mm, 41mm

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