Use of belt and hydrostatic paste

Belt usage

Wearing a belt is optional.On the self-adhesive bag you should first fit the special belt application ring.The process is simple by placing the ring between the adhesive material and the bag (see photo).

In the 2-piece system, the mounts have built-in slots for belt application

Use of hydrostatic paste

Scars and folds in the skin around the stoma can cause leaks.A solution in these cases is offered by special pastes that act hydrostatically and cover folds and scars forming a smooth surface, for better contact of the adhesive material with the skin.

If you are using a 2pc collection system do not change the base early unless there are issues with leaks or dermatitis.

Pastes are available in 2 forms.

A) Plasticine-rings (Hyperseal Washers) are available in individual packages and are easily adjusted around the mouth creating a smooth and flat surface on which the material can stick.

B) The paste is available in a tube (Stoma Paste).One way of application is to place the paste on the adhesive, about 1cm further into the hole.By applying the adhesive and pressing lightly, the paste will spread and cover the areas where the bag does not fit perfectly on the skin.

Alternatively, wet your fingers with water (so that the paste does not stick to them) and apply it directly to the skin, where it is needed.