Absorbent foam dressing with soft silicone wound contact layer

Product Description

Advazorb® Silfix is an absorbent foam dressing with breathable film backing and soft silicone wound contact layer. Available in regular and ‘Lite’ versions.

The soft silicone ensures that the dressing does not stick to the wet surface of a wound bed or cause trauma to delicate new tissue upon dressing removal. This is particularly suited to those patients with friable or delicate skin.

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Remove clear liners and apply pink side up to the wound ensuring the dressing covers the entire wound area and a minimum overlap of 2cm around the edges of the wound. Secure in place with tape, appropriate bandage or secondary dressing.

Top tip

The silicone layer on Advazorb Silfix enables the dressing to be placed onto the patient whilst a secondary dressing or bandage is applied for retention. This allows the dressing to be applied by a single health care professional.

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