The TRACHEOFIX Tracheotube contains:

  • Tracheostomy tube
  • Two color coded inner tubes
    • 1 inner cannula with 15mm socket, projecting fixing ring, (long) Neck band comfortable
    • Insertion aid (stamping)

Tracheostomy tube made of THERMOSENSITIVE PVC

  • With or without cuffs
  • valve for Luer and Luer-lock syringe tips
  • blue pilot balloon
  • low pressure cuff

•With or without voicing window

•Multi-function set with rotary locking mechanism (depending on the version with voice valve, cough plug, sealing plug, 15 mm connector, etc.)

•Soft mounting flange, flexible in all directions, with letter coding

•Mounting flange and inner tube color coded according to size

•Innovative connection mechanism for inner tube systems (rotary lock)

•Continuous x-ray index along the axis of the tube

•No latex


•Use by a patient

Size           Inner Diameter    Diameter  Outer length
Blue   7.0     7.2mm                   9.0mm      70.0mm
Green 8.5    8.7mm                  10.3mm    78.0mm
Red 10.0   10.2mm                12.3mm     86.0mm   

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