The hydro-cleansing pads are Urgo Medical’s new proposal for the management of watery necrosis of ulcers in the cleaning phase.

Urgoclean ® pads are sterile, non-adhesive, pads, made of highly cohesive super-absorbent and water-purifying fibers (polyacrylic) with the following properties:

  • Conversion of the exudate into a gel
  • Vertical absorption of the exudate and its retention by the polyacrylic fibers
  • Trapping microbes in the first phase of colonization
  • Hemostatic action
  • High cohesion between the fibers so that it does not dissolve
  • High durability

It has a gently adhesive absorption and healing regulation mesh (TLC: Lipidocolloid Technology) in contact with the wound which makes it non-sticky to the wound resulting in easy removal without residue and injury.

It is indicated for chronic exudative ulcers, without infection, for ulcers with watery necrosis before the erythropoiesis phase and for cases after surgical debridement as it exhibits mild hemostatic properties.

It is also available in a cord (in the dimension 5x40cm) with a special stylus for inserting it into cavities and measuring the depth.

Sizes: 6×6cm / 10×10cm / 15×20cm / 15×15cm

Cord shape: 5×40cm

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