The only anti-biofilm silver dressing that provides complete and continuous cleaning action to the wound.Efficacy proven in real-life study with more than 2000 patients!

Proven antimicrobial efficacy you can trust

  1. Fast action: from 30 minutes on main strains
  2. Works against bacterial strains resistant to
    antibiotics (e.g MRSA, VRE)
  3. 99.99% efficacy in just 24h
  4. Restores the healing process

Clinically proven complete cleaning action

1. UrgoClean Ag provides complete and continuous cleaning action due to its polyabsorbent fibres

2. 75% reduction in the number of wounds with heavy exudate

3. 62.5% reduction of sloughy tissue and wound debris

4.Continuous cleaning action sustained for up to 7 days4

Fast and effective anti-biofilm action

1.The powerful combined cleaning and antimicrobial action destroys, removes biofilms and blocks their reformation for up to 7 days

2.UrgoClean Ag reduces 99.99% biofilms population in just 24h

The UrgoClean Ag dressing is a sterile, non-woven pad, composed of hydro-desloughing, polyabsorbent cohesive fibres with a high absorption capacity (polyacrylate).

This dressing uses a hot melt process to bond the polyacrylate fibres arranged in a structured manner, parallel to the wound surface, giving UrgoClean Ag its specific absorption and wound residue draining properties, as well as its tensile strength.

Sizes: 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 15x20cm

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