Antimicrobial mesh URGOTUL AG

Urgotul Ag is a silver-impregnated sterile lipid-colloid technology (TLC) absorption regulation mesh pad.

Urgotul Ag consists of a hydrophobic silver-impregnated polyester mesh, hydrocolloid and petroleum jelly which is a pharmaceutical grade paraffin.

  • The lipid-colloid technology provides the appropriate moist healing environment, achieves fibroblast proliferation and offers non-traumatic removal.
  • Silver acts effectively on microorganisms, such as aerobic bacteria (Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus, etc.), resistant bacteria (MRSA) etc.

It is indicated for the treatment of ulcers with a low amount of exudate, with a clinical picture of infection or with a risk of developing an infection.

Sizes : 10×12εκ / 15×20 cm


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