Urgotul LITE BORDER are sterile pads with absorption adjustment mesh, lipid colloid technology (TLC).

They consist of a central absorbent part made of polymer and cellulose fibers, which vertically and quickly absorbs the exudate preventing the risk of wetting the surrounding skin. Outer, semi-permeable polyurethane film impermeable to micro-organisms to prevent contamination, but air-permeable to allow evaporation.

Skin-friendly perimeter adhesive that is certified non-allergenic and allows the skin to breathe unobtrusively.

In contact with the ulcer, TLC technology absorption regulating polymer mesh, which is interposed between the ulcer and the absorbent layer and makes the changes of the patch absolutely non-traumatic and painless while at the same time contributing to the proliferation of fibroblasts (IN VITRO studies) They are indicated for ulcers in all phases of healing.

Sizes : 6,5×10εκ / 8×8εκ / 10×12εκ / 10×20εκ / 15×20εκ

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