Urgostart Int/Contact is a sterile, air-permeable, polyester mesh pad of lipidocolloid technology impregnated with nanotechnology oligosaccharide.

• Lipidocolloid technology provides the appropriate moist healing environment, achieves fibroblast proliferation and offers non-traumatic removal.

• Nanotechnology Oligosaccharide (NOSF) limits the negative action of Metallo-Proteases (MMP), and promotes the action of growth factors in the synthesis of new tissue. In this way, it restores the balance of the ulcer microenvironment and restarts the healing process in stagnant ulcers.

•Adapts to the morphology of the body and is ideal for difficult areas (fingers, hollows, etc.).

It is indicated for all types of chronic ulcers with a low rate of exudate, without infection and necrosis and especially for patients with vascular insufficiency, diabetes, arteriopathies.

Size : 5×7εκ / 10×10εκ

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