For your daily tooth brushing.

The first toothpaste that whitens your teeth when you smile!

Blanx White Shock includes in its revolutionary composition Actilux, a patented material whose whitening and antibacterial action is activated even by simple light!

The microcrystals contained in Actilux bind to the tooth enamel after each brushing.With every smile, the light activates the Actilux microcrystals, making your teeth whiter, while protecting them from tooth decay, gingivitis and other diseases of the teeth and gums.

Inside the package you will find the special blanx led lamp that is integrated into your blanx white shock toothpaste and enhances its whitening and antibacterial action.

How to use it ?

1.Unscrew the cap from the tube and remove the safety tape.

2.Take the BlanX Led bulb from the package and screw it into the tube.

3.Unscrew the cap to use the material.

3.The light will shine out of the tube activating the Actilux.

5. Brush your teeth normally and smile.

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