Power White Treatment 50 ml+ BlanX Led Bite underarm

An innovative product that combines the BlanX – White Shock toothpaste with the BlanX Led Bite mouthwash.

For a more complete whitening treatment, use the Power White Treatment which includes the white shock toothpaste 50 ml as well as the special blanX led bite mask.

It is recommended for treatment up to 4 times a year, for 15 days, with the aim of whitening your teeth up to 4 tones.


1.Use the Intensive Whitening Treatment toothpaste as your daily toothpaste.

2.Every time you finish brushing your teeth, put the BlanX led bite mouthpiece inside your mouth, placing the clear plastic on your teeth and touching it with your lips.

3.Press the on button and let it illuminate your teeth for at least one minute.

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