Blanx White Shock Mouthwash Instant White 500ml

Whitening mouthwash that is activated by light, with a cool mint flavor.

Actilux and zinc PCA are the main ingredients of the oral solution that whitens your teeth instantly with the help of light.BlanX® Laboratories presents BlanX White Shock formula, a complete line of teeth whitening products with Actilux®, for a white and healthy smile.Actilux® and zinc PCA bind to teeth to remove bacteria, providing cleanliness and a bright white smile in an instant*.


Shake well before use. Use BlanX White Shock Mouthwash twice a day for 30 seconds, using the cap as a container. Do not swallow it. This product is likely to stain fabrics.

After use, enhance the action of the Blanx White Shock mouthwash with the Blanx LED light or the BlanX LED BITE mouthpiece included in the Blanx White Shock toothpaste and whitening treatment range.

*Temporary visible results.

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